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FIRST PRACTICE - SUNDAY 22nd - 6 PM at Louie Pompeii

COST OF 7 on 7

Head Gear

$100 Fee -

$30.00 - Registration Fee

$25.00 - Spirit Pack

$45.00 - Head Gear


Games will be Saturday and Sunday Night - Practice will be Friday Nights (times are still pending)

7 on 7

7 on 7


Start Date: April 29

Registration Deadline: April 18th

Team Registration Fee: $250

Required Equipment: Mouth Piece, Cleats, Soft Shell Helmet

  • Soft Shell Pricing (Hold off ordering until we know how many teams we have in each age group to ensure we have enough teams)
    • Game Breaker - $40 or $70 depending on Model (Custom Colors & Logos available) allow 10 business days for delivery from Texas
    • Rock Solid - $45 (Black Only). Will provide custom sticker for helmet. Stock is local in Valencia 1-2 Business Days
    • Other Vendors are allowed, these are the ones that reached out to me.
    • Must have Soft shell by Week #2


Teams: Offering 5 Age Divisions (Based on 12/31/18 age) - We are doing 3 Age Groups

  • 10 & 11
  • 12 & 13
  • 14 U -
    • A (1) year age play up option is allowed in all Divisions. (i.e. - a 7 year old may play in the 8-9, but a 10 year old may not play down in the 8-9)
    • Multiple teams in the same age group are allowed
    • City Administrator is required to verify all player ages comply (Conf will only verify if a players age is questioned)
    • For the 7v7 this year you are not restricted to traditional boundaries for player residences. For the regular 2018 Football Season, all boundaries will be enforced.  


Season: 5 Games start the weekend of 4/28. Games will vary on Saturday or Sunday depending on hosting location availability

Playoff(s): June 9th and/or 10th Location and Times TBD


Volunteer Officials: All games will require a volunteer official (not associated with either team playing). Primary responsibility is managing a passing clock. Conference will provide one regular game official to manage the general game rules.